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Margherita Cosulich achieves Metcore International’s Certificate of Conformity - meeting ISO 22192 relevant guidelines and requirements

We are thrilled to announce that the mass flow metering (MFM) system for Margherita Cosulich, FratelliCosulich’s bunker vessel, has been issued with the Certificate of Conformity by Metcore International Pte Ltd

Here's why it's a big deal: 

Conformity Assessment Expertise: Metcore, a Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) accredited ISO/IEC 17065 certification body, assessed Margherita Cosulich's MFM system, ensuring it meets the international standard ISO 22192’s relevant guidelines and requirements. 

Cutting-edge Technology: Embracing MFM technology, Fratelli Cosulich leads the way in direct mass measurement of marine fuel, validated through the ISO 22192 assessment by Metcore. 

Best Practices: ISO 22192 sets forth the best practices for bunkering applications and guidelines, ensuring the highest standards for marine fuel measurement. 

Supporting SOHAR Port and Freezone: Aligning with SOHAR Port and Freezone's framework, Metcore is committed to implementing mass flow metering for bunker vessels, enhancing transparency and efficiency in bunkering operations. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive excellence in marine bunkering together!

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