Zero Verification & Restamping


METCORE is an independent company providing independent party field zero verification of mass flow meters and associated systems. We are appointed by Enterprise Singapore as an Authorised Verifier under the Weights & Measures Programme.

Over time, the observed zero offset can be affected by flow sensor condition, pipeline stress, internal coating build up, etc. The American Petroleum Institute (API) recommends periodic verification of the stored zero value. This is necessary to ensure that the observed zero offset value is within prescribed limit as defined by one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Manufacturer’s recommendation.

  2. Performance testing and monitoring.

  3. Custody transfer agreements.

METCORE is accredited by Lloyd's Register (LR) to provide zero verification of mass flow metering systems onboard LR's bunker tankers.


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METCORE International provides independent and trusted technical expertise for complete fuel measurement solutions in the bunkering industry. We offer comprehensive measurement services ranging from project management for MFM system for bunker applications' verification tests to bunker delivery data analysis.