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Meter Verification Direct Mass Master Meter Proving

At METCORE, our highly competent team leads the industry in the implementation of master meter proving of bunker tankers’ Mass Flow Metering (MFM) system. Measurement is conducted via in-field testing using a Coriolis Master Meter System under actual bunkering conditions, in compliance with established requirements and maintaining traceability to the International System (SI) unit of kilogram. Our aim is to achieve a high level of confidence and assurance towards the performance of current MFM bunkering systems.

Master meter proving or verification has been accepted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore as an alternative to the re-validation method, for the annual extension of the bunker tankers’ mass flow metering systems in Singapore. It increases efficiency by reducing the system testing time and logistics from three or more days to a single day without the need of supporting tanker.

Coriolis Master Meter System
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Maintaining a high-level of confidence and assurance for your MFM system

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Evaluated With Declaration Issued By NMi Certin B.V.

Master Meter System

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90 - 800 MT/H (Qmin - Qmax)

Flow Rate Range


0.7 - 800 cSt 

Oil Product Viscosity Range

Thick Blue Smoke

Request for Meter Verification by Completing Checklist

Operating Checklist for proving of MFM on Bunker Tankers using Master Meter

First-timer Guideline for Master Meter Verification
Guideline & Preparation for Master Meter Verification

Let's work together.

METCORE International provides independent and trusted technical expertise for complete fuel measurement solutions in the bunkering industry. We offer comprehensive measurement services ranging from project management for MFM system for bunker applications' verification tests to bunker delivery data analysis.

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