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MFM System Testing & Evaluation

MFM measurement performance can be affected by a number of factors.

In the mass flow metering system monitoring program, METCORE provides independent and consistent assessment in these areas:

  • Readiness Assessment on MFM systems

  • MFM Systems Acceptance Test

  • Metering Systems Monitoring Program (System integrity & Metering operations)

  • Dispute Investigation


Each mass flow metering system and its associated pipelines are secured to ensure the measurement integrity for bunker delivery is not compromised.


Mass flow metering systems are evaluated in accordance with the guidelines specified in SS 648, ISO 22192 & OIML R117.


Mass flow metering systems are then tested under bunker operating conditions to determine their conformity to the relevant standards.


Readiness Assessment on MFM System

METCORE’s services include the assessments of the MFM system readiness for acceptance tests and actual delivery operation. The assessments validate that the tanker crew have the required competency in carrying out the necessary implementations, tests and operations, effectively and efficiently.

In Singapore, MPA mandates the use of MFM systems for all bunker deliveries. Implementing and maintaining the MFM system are costly and time consuming. METCORE's comprehensive assessments ensure that the tanker crew members are well equipped to perform the critical tasks correctly during every single operation.


MFM Systems Acceptance Test


One of the key requirements in meeting TR 48 (which was upgraded to SS 648 in November 2019) guidelines. MFM system must be subjected to tests based on the test protocol formalized (Acceptance Test), before they are approved for bunker custody measurement by the local implementing authority, if the MFM system meets the overall 0.5% measurement uncertainty.


Integrating the bunker tanker with MFM measuring system is Metcore’s expertise. We are capable supporting the industry in ensuring seamless testing and achieving the required end result, without compromising the MFM system measurement performance and integrity. Metcore has been engaged by the system owners and operators for numerous testing in Singapore, and had assisted them to achieve huge downtime saving, The lowering of the bunker tankers’ downtime results in significant cost savings ultimately.




Metering Systems Monitoring Program

Monitoring the operation and non-compliance of the system remotely can be a challenge. If non-compliances are not addressed immediately, may lead to fraudulent actions are being detected by the authorities. It could result to adverse implications, like supplier/operator license being revoked by the authorities.

This monitoring program assist to detect possible non-conformity and issues early to allow system owner to provide appropriate rectification. Generally, the program improve the MFM system measurement efficiency, thereby promoting good working relationship between supplier and buyer. In addition, Metcore’s knowledge in the bunkering applications enable us to provide advice to address shortfalls discovered through the program.

With Metcore providing continuous assessment of the metering system to ensure compliance to the relevant standard adopted and legal requirements, our client (and system owners) can be assured of the tanker operational readiness.

Let's work together.

METCORE International provides independent and trusted technical expertise for complete fuel measurement solutions in the bunkering industry. We offer comprehensive measurement services ranging from project management for MFM system for bunker applications' verification tests to bunker delivery data analysis.


Dispute Investigation 

In dispute resolution situation, Metcore experts look into the full spectrum of measurement data (not just the critical ones) collected, to provide
a more comprehensive analyzing of the specific MFM system delivery operation. The analogy aims to ensure the analysis concluded can withstand scrutiny if legal proceeding is to be involved.

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