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The mandate of mass flow meter (MFM) marine fuel oil delivery started on 1st January 2017. This transits into a new era for bunkering, bring about a paradigm shift in the industry and opens up new opportunities in increasing efficiency, transparency and productivity.

METCORE International Pte Ltd founded in 2014, provides independent and trusted technical expertise for complete fuel measurement solutions. We are a Singapore base company, highly recognized by the shipping industry for our work in bunker measurement with MFM.

Over the years, we have expanded globally into Europe, Middle East and East Asia. Together with Lloyd’s Register, we form an independent and value added certification service for the mass flow metering systems for bunkering application. It has brought greater trust of the quantity measured to buyers of bunker fuels, resulting in high efficiency of the bunker delivery operations.

METCORE has recently been appointed as an Authorised Verifier (AV) by Weights & Measures, Enterprise Singapore (ESG) for MFM verification. With our increasing expertise, we are able to expand our services to other industry and application. The mass flow metering system is definitely not a plug and play system. Constant monitoring and deliberate changes to the operations has to be introduced into the processes to ensure that the metering system metrological integrity continues to be entrusted, in both accurate measurement and maintaining confidence in the MFM system operation readiness.


About Us

Let's work together.

METCORE International provides independent and trusted technical expertise for complete fuel measurement solutions in the bunkering industry. We offer comprehensive measurement services ranging from project management for MFM system for bunker applications' verification tests to bunker delivery data analysis.

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