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Singapore: Metcore developing digital enhancements for MFM bunker ops

Singapore-based mass flow metering system (MFM) consultancy firm Metcore International is now in the testing phase of using digital systems to enhance MFM bunkering operations.

“Metcore is in the business of exporting Singapore’s TR 48 MFM bunkering standard to the international market,” Darrick Pang, Managing Director, Metcore International, toldManifold Times.

“We are the only company that have done so at the key bunkering ports of Hong Kong, Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA), and within the Middle East.”

According to Pang, the company intends to increase the transparency and efficiency of MFM bunker transactions with a monitoring system – scheduled for launch at the end of 2018. 

It is testing a 'smart check' platform that is able to manage the risk assessment of a MFM bunker transaction and provide stakeholders an alert upon detecting any non-compliance activity. 

“This is more of a guidance and risk management tool to increase efficiency in terms of monitoring which benefits bunker suppliers and buyers who conduct many bunker transactions on a daily basis,” explains Pang.

“We have a lot of reference MFM data and will be able to provide an initial quick data analysis on what can be called a good normal bunker operation.

“We do not grade a MFM bunkering operation as ‘fail or ‘pass’ but instead alert and highlight abnormal activity and recommend you to have a look further.”

He stresses the platform will be a closed system with all data kept and analysed solely by Metcore; the company accepts a variety of avenues to receive MFM bunker profile data.

“We are independent and we do not intend to share all these results with the industry,” says Pang.

“Each bunker transaction produces thousands of data points depending on the duration, and monitoring is the toughest part of it all. A four-hour long operation will generate more than 160, 000 data points.”

“Our solution, which filters out abnormal operations, make it a quick and simple process for our clients.”

Metcore, meanwhile, is also introducing a tamper-evident RFID e-seal system that enhances the system inspection and verification process of MFM-equipped bunker tankers.

The e-seal system, which complements the Technical Reference for Bunker Mass Flow Metering (TR 48), is able to ensure all seal checks have been carried out by a bunker surveyor, before and after each MFM bunker transaction.

It provides a 2FA authentication which adds an additional layer of security.

Any tampering will be recorded as a traceability measure and this brings about real time information exchange within the bunker supply chain.

Both the monitoring system and RFID e-seal system are scheduled to be launch later this year.

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