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Singapore: Magnets used to distort MFM readings

We would like to bring Members’ attention to recent reports of magnets being used during bunker deliveries using the Mass Flow Meters (MFM) in Singapore.

The authorities have uncovered use of industrial grade magnets to tamper with the readings of the MFM systems installed on some bunker tankers, with a number of crew members from bunker tankers being convicted for their involvement in the tampering.

Court documents revealed that the magnets were placed at a certain point on the MFM to influence the recorded mass flow rate (MFR) of the Bunker Metering Computer (BMC) that forms part of the MFM system that is used to accurately record bunker deliveries. The action resulted in the BMC erroneously recording a higher MFR, falsely indicating a greater mass of bunkers delivered to the receiving vessel on the computer than the actual amount delivered.

Members are advised that it is important for the vessel’s crew and/or the appointed bunker surveyors to be vigilant during bunkering operations. They should always be on the lookout for “suspicious” equipment that is attached to the bunker lines or MFM systems. Should they encounter magnets, they should call for either the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore or Singapore’s Police Coast Guard for assistance.

The Secretariat has obtained permission from Manifold Times to include the following related articles for Members' information:

Post credit: INTERTANKO

Published: 11 September, 2020

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