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MFM system certification program: Adapting to changes and opportunities amidst the pandemic

The overseas certification of bunkering MFM systems has continued despite maritime disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and its related travel lockdowns, learns Singapore bunkering publication Manifold Times.

“As a MFM system integrator and solution provider, Metcore International (Metcore) works with Lloyd’s Register (LR) to evolve our approach of maintaining various conformity assessments for Europe and Asia based clients during the pandemic; albeit remotely,” shares Darrick Pang, Managing Director of Metcore International, a Singapore-based Authorised Verifier for MFM systems.

“In anticipation of a prolonged pandemic, we have developed alternative solutions for MFM system certification assessment activities to overcome the hurdles by upgrading our services and competency to the next level.

“This has inadvertently presented a golden opportunity for us to expand our services further ashore internationally.”

Metcore, in partnership with LR, has successfully completed a remote operation for a major international client based in Hong Kong in June.

The MFM system revalidation operation was carried out to evaluate the expanded measurement uncertainty for Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-Chemical Co. Ltd. (CPN)’s MFM system onboard its bunker tanker MT Guo Yuan.

This was part of a re-certification program to verify CPN’s MFM system conforming to Singapore Standard (SS) 648[1]. Data from the trial was evaluated by an internationally recognised and independent metrology institute.

“The tanker owner, CPN, has seen the benefits of having a continual certified MFM system and therefore, had requested for a revalidation trial to renew their LR-issued certification which was due to expire three years after its initial issuance,” notes JJ Pang, Regional FOBAS & BQS Business Development Manager – Asia.

Hong Kong bunker supplier CPN was pleased to find zero verification and revalidation support services for periodic and required MFM system verification operations continued to be available despite the current pandemic.

“Even with travel restrictions, we were still able to receive support services via independent conformity assessments, reinforced with remote supervision from Singapore-based experts,” states Sunny Mui, Manager of the Operations Department at CPN.

“The certification exercise under LR and Metcore’s partnership ensured that our bunker tankers’ MFM systems could continue to conform to SS 648.

“The decision by CPN to utilise MFMs for our bunkering operations builds trust with our clients during marine refuelling transactions.”

Pang of Metcore reiterates, “our clients’ confidence in our expertise proves that our experience in MFM systems for bunkering applications and unceasing support made all the difference in ensuring trust in all their bunker transactions.”

“The acceptance of the independent certification program by LR and Metcore, which is trusted by stakeholders – both suppliers and receiving vessels – demonstrates the need for MFM systems to be evaluated for measurement integrity, and conform to the highly-regarded benchmark set by SS 648, even as we move forward towards a post-pandemic world.”

[1] Singapore Standard (SS) 648 : 2019  Code of Practice for Bunker Mass Flow Metering

Photo credit: Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-Chemical Co.,Ltd Published: 19 July, 2021

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