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Metcore's MFM+ Program: bunker industry stakeholders "take the challenge by going beyond the norm".

Singapore-based mass flow metering system (MFMS) integrator and solution provider Metcore International (Metcore) on Wednesday (27 October) introduced its MFM+ Program to the bunkering industry.

The MFM+ Program was launched on 20th October with Hong Kong-based bunker tanker operators Vermont Marine Bunkering Limited and Bunker Express Company Limited, when both firms attained the MFM+ Program certification for their respective bunker tankers Anelly and Yee Lee..

According to Metcore, the success of using MFMS for bunker measurement revolves around the core principle of building trust with management and operational controls in place.

MFM+ Program’s “beyond the norm” approach goes beyond the baseline requirements of the MFMS.

“The baseline requirements which are typically referenced from the applicable bunker mass flow metering standards, must first be in conformity at the initial phase of the MFM+ Program,” explains Darrick Pang, Managing Director of Metcore.

“Subsequently, the program’s key initiatives are applied to enhance the capability of the MFMS. This is over and above the baseline requirement, to enable ‘peace of mind’ for key stakeholders in bunker supply chain.”

The MFM+ Program enhances measurement capability with key initiatives such as initial and periodic qualification assessments, mass flow metering data analysis and training relevant personnel to better handle the MFMS, ensuring high level of operational competency and continuous monitoring of the metering processes which will eventually lead to a much-trusted measurement, to safeguard the operational integrity of the MFMS.

“The key advantage of utilising the Coriolis mass flow technology is that it provides process traceability by logging measured flow parameters and data throughout the bunker transaction, thereby establishing a proper audit trail for transparent bunker measurement,” states Pang.

“The logged operations data is readily available, post-delivery, for metering data analysis to detect any abnormality which could affect the bunker measurement.”

The company notes it has been supporting the bunker industry in metering data analysis for oil loss management, as well as dispute handling for stakeholders who have MFMS onboard bunker tankers.

As such, it has achieved in-depth understanding and expertise in flow measurements to analyse metering data and profile, which form an integral pillar of the MFM+ Program.

“Moving ahead with global bunkering, the MFM+ Program is ready to support the industry-driven digitalisation effort and blockchain technology, ensuring a level playing field with real-time data logging and monitoring of bunker processes,” highlights Pang.

“It allows the bunkering industry stakeholders to have much needed ‘peace of mind’ and ‘take the challenge by going beyond the norm’.

“Metcore’s MFM+ Program exemplifies serious oil suppliers and buyers who advocate fair trading using a recognised and widely-accepted technology.”

Photo credit: Metcore International

Post credt: Manifold Times

Published: 27 October, 2021

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