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Metcore introduces MFM+ Program to Singapore bunkering market; V-Bunkers amongst first adopters

Singapore-based mass flow metering system (MFMS) measurement solutions provider Metcore International Pte Ltd on Friday (13 May) officially introduced its registered MFM+ Program to the Singapore bunkering market through the endorsement of two Singapore-flagged bunker tankers, learns Manifold Times.

The Marine Queenie and Marine Zambezi managed by Singapore-based bunker tanker operator V-Bunkers Pte Ltd were the first vessels to receive MFM+ Program endorsement from the mass flow metering system (MFMS) measurement solutions team at Metcore.

The use of MFMS for supporting bunkering deliveries at Singapore since 2017 has resulted in its fundamental operational requirements being well established, with maritime industry stakeholders recognising MFMS bunkering operations at Singapore to be the industry standard.

Metcore’s MFM+ Program, however, goes over and above the baseline requirements with its ‘beyond the norm’ approach.

The program introduces periodic assessments, mass flow metering data analysis, and regular training for relevant key personnel to better handle the MFMS to ensure a high level of continuous operational competency.

It further logs operational data for post-delivery metering data analysis to detect any abnormality which could affect the bunker measurement.

“This provides ‘peace of mind’ for key stakeholders in the bunker supply chain which will eventually create a much-trusted measurement environment,” explains Brian Pranesh, Technical Engineer, Metcore.

“We advocate practising the proactive systematic approach over a reactive attitude in the bunkering process.”

According to Pranesh, Metcore has been supporting the bunkering industry in metering data analysis for oil loss management as well as dispute handling for stakeholders with MFMS equipped bunker tankers.

“As such, we have achieved in-depth understanding and expertise in mass flow measurements to analyse metering data and profile which form an integral pillar of the MFM+ Program,” he shares.

“Metcore’s MFM+ Program exemplifies serious oil suppliers and buyers who advocate fair trading using a recognised and widely-accepted technology.”

Photo credit: Manifold Times

First published: 20 May, 2022

Manifold Times in October 2021 reported Metcore launching its MFM+ Program at Hong Kong with bunker tankers from local operators Vermont Marine Bunkering Limited and Bunker Express Company Limited receiving certification.

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