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Metcore has hit the fabulous 10 years milestones!

Metcore’ Past, Present and the Future

Metcore was formed in December 2013, to support the bunkering industry’s adoption of mass flow meters (MFMs) for custody transfer operations. We started out by focusing on being a consultancy to guide bunker operators, many family-owned businesses, keen on adopting MFM technology for enhancing bunkering operations.


Gradually along the line we saw additional areas for supporting the industry’s MFM bunkering transition. This was when Metcore evolved to become a conformity body and the owner of Singapore’s first and only master MFM for meter verification. It is more relevant than ever for bunker measurement practices to be harmonised for transparency and traceability across global ports.


Moving forward, harmonising of practices using standards with the conformity assessment approach would enhance “Trust” when using the MFM system for measurement of bunker fuel; especially in operations requiring continuous reliance on the technology to provide accurate, transparent, and traceable measurement of marine fuel.


Metcore’ 10th Anniversary Celebration

6 December 2023 marked our celebration at The Empress, nestled within the captivating Asian Civilisation Museum – Where Asian Cultures Come Alive!

This choice aligns with one of our commitments to promote awareness of Asian Culture, further exemplified through collaboration with the Calligraphy instructor and Caricature artist, both of whom are teachers actively engaged in the local Art scene. In addition, we are proud to engage the Singapore lion dance troupe that clinched championship at the Resorts World Genting on 6 Aug. They stole the show that night, adding an extraordinary touch to our celebration.


It takes a community to create memorable moments, and our celebration was a testament of Metcore’ business that revolves around people – signify the importance of relationships. Metcore’ logo – the use of Chinese characters “人人” is all about people including our partners key stakeholders. It signifies the different key stakeholders coming together to make things happen.


It was a successful event – an enchanting night filled with wines, wonderful company, and beautiful moments to reminisce about the journey that brought us here. As we commemorate ten years of growth and accomplishments, let us also embrace the future with excitement and anticipation for continued collaboration and partnership in the many more years of exciting ventures ahead!

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