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Fully accredited MFM System under ISO 22192 with LR's certification for bunker tanker Philos

The implementation of Mass Flow Metering System (MFM System) in the bunkering industry continues to gain traction internationally with proven track records. The digitalisation and decarbonisation efforts in the marine sector also encourage the adoption of MFM Systems to enhance transparency and trust in the bunker measurements.

At the end of 2022, Philos BV, Victrol and ExxonMobil Product Solutions- Energy Products were happy to announce that a bi-directional Mass Flow Meter System (MFM System) had been successfully installed and commissioned on bunker barge “Philos”.

Metcore being the independent party to certify the MFM System in accordance to ISO 22192, was proud to have played a role in the success of this project. The system is fully accredited by Lloyd’s Register to enable precise loading and discharge measurement at all times, as the system operates bi-directionally. Besides generating traceable and transparent fuel quantity measurements, it is also beneficial to the operational flow with considerable time savings obtained before and after bunkering operations.

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