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Management Team

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Mr. Darrick Pang
Managing Director

Darrick is the Managing Director of Metcore International Pte Ltd, a leading marine services company which he founded in 2014 to provide independent and trusted expertise in complete fuel measurement solutions for the bunkering industry. He has more than 30 years of knowledge and experience working in a major international oil and gas company. He was involved in the technical and operational areas of refinery, oil terminals, mass flow meters, as well as oil and gas products. In his capacity as the Asia Pacific Supply Chain Technical and Operations Manager, his main responsibilities included overseeing the quality of products, marine safety of the tanker fleet and the entire physical supply chain – from refinery to end user vessels. He was awarded President’s Spirit of Excellence Award by ExxonMobil for recognition of his outstanding achievement in year 2012.

Darrick is an expert in oil loss management and a pioneer in introducing mass flow metering systems to the local bunkering industry. MFM systems are now mandatory in Singapore since January 2017. He has been credited for outstanding performance in this area of expertise and the recipient of the following awards:​


ExxonMobil President’s Award


Minister’s Innovation Award (Distinguished Award) by the Ministry of Transport for the Recognition of Contributions Towards the Project “Use of Mass Flow Metering for Bunker Delivery in Singapore”


Quality & Standards (Commendation Award) by Singapore Standards Council & Enterprise Singapore

​Darrick is recognised for his contribution as a Working Group Member for the development of Singapore Standard for Mass Flow Metering Systems (SS648:2019) and Technical Reference for Master Meter Verification (TR80: 2020). He is also the Chairman for National Mirror Committee for ISO/TC 28/SC 2/WG 13, Marine Bunkering. He represented Singapore for OIML R117 and the development of ISO 22192:2021 (Bunkering of marine fuel using the Coriolis mass flow meter (MFM) system) & ISO 21562:2020 (Ships and marine technology — Bunker fuel mass flow meters on receiving vessel — Requirements). He is currently an active member of:


  • Technical Committee Member for Bunkering

  • Chairman for National Mirror Committee for ISO/TC28/SC2/WG13


Darrick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Management & Marketing) from Curtin University of Technology. He is highly respected for his in-depth views and objective opinions in bunkering and metrology. He is also much sought after as a speaker in the transformation of the bunkering industry to conform with international and local standards. 

Let's work together.

METCORE International provides independent and trusted technical expertise for complete fuel measurement solutions in the bunkering industry. We offer comprehensive measurement services ranging from project management for MFM system for bunker applications' verification tests to bunker delivery data analysis.

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