Metcore's newly-launched MFM+ Program consists of enhanced initiatives and services which goes "beyond the norm" to build confidence and trust for our clients in the bunkering industry. The enhanced initiatives under the MFM+ Program provide peace of mind for our stakeholders by optimising their operational efficiency and safeguarding the security and system integrity in bunkering operations.


MFM+ Program’s “beyond the norm” approach goes beyond the baseline capability of the mass flow metering system (MFMS). The baseline requirements which are typically referenced from the applicable bunker mass flow metering standards, must be in conformity at the initial phase of implementation. MFM+ Program’s four pillars of performance are applied to enhance the capability of the MFMS. This is over and above the baseline requirement, to enable “peace of mind” for key stakeholders in bunker supply chain.

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Metcore’s MFM+ Program is set to make a difference in MFM system measurement in bunkering operations. It incorporates several enhanced initiatives to strengthen and maintain the MFM system’s performance.

A “Beyond the Norm Approach” over and above the baseline requirements of MFM system for bunker applications onboard bunker tankers, the MFM+ Program supports the MFM capability with initiatives such as periodic assessment and continuous monitoring of the system security and operational integrity, as well as training key personnel to improve on the handling of MFM system for metering operations competency.

Metcore's MFM+ Program requires continuous monitoring of the metering processes which will eventually lead to a much-trusted measurement, to safeguard the operational integrity of the MFM system for applications onboard bunker tankers. 

Metcore’s MFM+ Program exemplifies serious oil suppliers and buyers who advocate fair trading using a recognised and widely accepted technology.



Initial Qualification Assessment

Ensuring Conformity With Applicable Standards 

During the initial and scheduled regular quality assessments under the MFM+ Program, the key success factors are measurement integrity, MFM system security and operations competency. This will be reviewed by our Metcore expert evaluation team. The assessments include physical system security for operation, supporting records and reports, verification of the health of MFM inner tubes by zero verification, functionality of the MFM associated measurement device, and crew competence during actual operations.


MFM Metering Data Analysis

Mitigating Risks With Proactive Data Analysis

experts can detect any abnormalities from analysing the data continuously recorded by the MFM system which may impact the metering system’s measurement integrity. High aeration during bunker operations can also cause accuracy errors. This could be due to many reasons such as inappropriate bunker operations affecting MFM measurement capability, crew incompetence, bunker tanker’s operations system deficiencies or possible fraudulent practices. MFM+ Program acts as proactive measure to detect and prevent these risks.

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MFM System Assessment

Enhancing MFM System Integrity & Security

MFM system integrity is as important as measurement accuracy. Periodic verification by our experts can minimise risk of malpractices. The audit covers critical software and hardware checks, ensuring the key parameters are not compromised. Security seals condition are checked and renewals are done, if deemed necessary. Pipeline installations are inspected for evidence of tampering or any unauthorised modifications. MFM+ Program includes checking the health of MFM inner tubes by zero verification


Operations Competency Training & Audit

Ensuring Operations Competency of Key Personnel

Just as for any equipment, mass flow metering system must be in good operating conditions for optimal performance in providing accuracy of measurement. Key operations personnel must be well trained to ensure full understanding of the MFM system and its operational process prior to operating the MFM system. Metcore experts provide regular training and continuous latest updates under the MFM+ Program to ensure the competence of key personnel in bunkering operations.

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