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Metcore is an independent party providing measurement testing and certification of mass flow metering systems.

Metcore is an Authorised Verifier appointed by Enterprise Singapore, under the Weights & Measures Programme for Master Flow Meter Verification. All bunker tankers operating with a Singaporean harbour craft licence must be equipped with a mass flow metering system approved by the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore to ensure transparent bunkering operations.


The use of a mass flow metering system has been mandatory for marine fuel deliveries in Singapore since 2017. Lloyd’s Register exclusively recognises Metcore to provide mass flow metering engineering services and conformity assessment for bunker measurement application globally. 



At Metcore, our highly competent team leads the industry in the implementation of master meter proving of bunker tankers’ Mass Flow Metering (MFM) system. Measurement is conducted via in-field testing using a Coriolis Master Meter System under actual bunkering conditions, in compliance with established requirements and maintaining traceability to the International System (SI) unit of kilogram. Our aim is to achieve a high level of confidence and assurance towards the performance of current MFM bunkering systems.

​Master meter proving or verification has been accepted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore as an alternative to the re-validation method, for the annual extension of the bunker tankers’ mass flow metering systems in Singapore. It increases efficiency by reducing the system testing time and logistics from three or more days to a single day without the need of supporting tanker.

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Technical Committee for Bunkering &

Working Group for Master Meter Verification

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Coriolis Master Meter System

This guideline serves as the reference document to assist the bunker tanker operators in Singapore in preparing their bunker tankers and MFM systems for meter verification tests for the FIRST TIME.

This guideline serves as the reference document to assist bunker tanker operators in Singapore in preparing their bunker tankers and MFM systems for meter verification tests.



Metcore is an independent company providing independent party field zero verification of mass flow meters and associated systems. We are appointed by Enterprise Singapore as an Authorised Verifier under the Weights & Measures Programme. 


Over time, the observed zero offset can be affected by flow sensor condition, pipeline stress, internal coating build up, etc. The American Petroleum Institute (API) recommends periodic verification of the stored zero value. This is necessary to ensure that the observed zero offset value is within prescribed limit as defined by one or more of the following conditions: 

a. Manufacturer’s recommendation.

b. Performance testing and monitoring.

c. Custody transfer agreements.


Metcore is accredited by Lloyd's Register (LR) to provide zero verification of mass flow metering systems onboard LR's bunker tankers.



Metcore International Pte Ltd is a leading marine solutions provider based in Singapore, providing independent certification, and trusted technical expertise in complete fuel measurement solutions for the bunkering industry. ​We specialise in integration, testing and operational readiness of mass flow metering system on board bunker tankers.


Over the years, we have grown globally within Europe, Middle East and East Asia. In addition, we have expanded our services to cover meter verification, meter data analysis and oil loss management. Our aim is to provide stakeholders with peace of mind in entrusting the use of mass flow meters for bunker operations


We have gathered vast experience and expertise from testing of more than 130 mass flow metering systems worldwide for custody transfer measurement.




Each mass flow metering system and its associated pipelines are secured to ensure the measurement integrity delivered to the receiving tanker is not compromised.


The mass flow metering systems are certified in compliance with the guidelines specified in OIML R117 & SS 648


The mass flow metering system is then tested under bunker conditions to ensure it meets the requirements in the relevant standards.



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On the international stage, Metcore International has been working with Lloyd’s Register on numerous mass flow metering systems testing and certification projects for bunker application across a number of strategic ports globally. ​Together with Lloyd's Register, we form an independent and value-added service provider in achieving certification for the mass flow metering systems. Certification generates greater trust of the quantity measured to buyers of bunker fuels, thereby resulting in high efficiency of the bunker delivery operations.

The mass flow meter system is not a "plug and play set-up" type of equipment. The key focus of the certification is conformity to metrological traceability and measurement integrity. The mass flow metering system is then tested under bunker conditions to ensure it meets the requirements in the relevant standards. Metcore advocates a holistic approach to seamlessly integrate fuel measurement systems onboard your bunkers.​ We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process from meter selection to achieving system certification.


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Working together with Endress+Hauser, we have developed the first Coriolis master meter system for bunker MFM testing in actual field condition by undergoing the highest level of calibration with hydrocarbon fuel, providing traceable and accurate measurement over a wide range of viscosity. The performance of the master meter has been reinforced by NMi Certin B.V. evaluation.

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